A few years ago my wife commissioned a work colleague of hers to produce a caricature of me participating in my main past time of sailing as a Christmas present. Imagine my surprise when I opened the 'gift' and found the cartoon that you will find on a following page as it represents me at the helm of a boat in the buff. Fortunately it is more of a rear shot and so no embarrassment there!

We thought at the time that it would be a good idea to open up a web resource using the name 'The Naked Sailor' to provide a home for stories, incidents, blogs and forums for all matters Nautical. A few things got in the way of this including the marrying off of my two sons and a very severe battle with the big C which looks to have been won - certainly for the time being at least.

We were down at the boat show on preview day this year and we decided to move forward with our plan and this site is the result. It is very much in its infancy and will develop as our membership increases. There are public and private areas on the site and if we become very popular we might require a small annual subscription to access the main areas and help with the cost of running this resource.

Comments and feedback, hopefully constructive, is always welcome and can be done through either the general forum or by email to In general if you like the concept and/or the content then please tell your friends. If you have negative comments or criticisms then please tell me.